“The Golden Ring” show-model is a unique project for Russia and the whole world. We gathered together all the cities of the Golden Ring in one room. We didn’t just make miniatures, but recreated the main cultural objects, conveying the life of cities, their sounds and atmosphere.

Impressive size

The layout area occupies 84 square meters, just take a look at the plan.

The museum is comfortable to visit with children, there is a toilet and a changing area for women with babies. The ventilation system provides a special micro-climate and fresh air. And the lighting and sounds of the cities guarantee a complete immersion into the miniature world.


Explore the show-model

Around the Golden Ring of Russia in an hour. Guests can go skiing in Kostroma, stroll along the walls of the Rostov Kremlin, listen to the playoff game in the Arena 2000 with its acoustics and loud terrace chants of the most loyal fans.

Cities and main show-model attractions

We decided to go a little beyond the territory of the Golden Ring. In each region, there is so much interesting and surprising to see, that it is impossible to convey absolutely everything. Our goal was not to recreate every square centimeter of cities, but to show the most amazing and magical sights. Are you intrigued? If so, then thinking about a to-do list when being on a visit to Yaroslavl, remember about the Golden Ring show-model. We will surprise you!

Behind the scenes

The show-model is not just a set of miniatures forming rough overview of the cities of the Golden Ring.  Dozens of specialists work thoroughly every day for the layout to “come to life”.

The control center is the brain of the show-model, all the data is being processed here.


Four computers control the segments of the railway and railway arrows. Specialists monitor the mileage of locomotives, their speed, location of trains, the amount of smoke left in strategic steam reserves of steam locomotives, as well as the mileage before maintenance, after which the trains are sent for a preventive run. Also, security footage is transmitted to the PCO (Project Central Office) from cameras that are set under the show-model at underground stations and in places of critical underground railway arrows, where accidents sometimes happen.


52 cars drive along the roads of the layout with the help of magic. The computer controls the car routes. There are 18 of them in the show-model.

The magic that makes the cars drive is, in fact, electromagnetic induction.

Every day a lot of accidents happen in the layout. As in real life, cars drive off into a ditch, crash at intersections and traffic lights. Specialists see on the monitors where the accident has occurred and call the traffic police eliminate problems.

A terrible accident in the center of Yaroslavl. The tourist bus collided with a truck moving the wrong side of the road at the red traffic light.


Each city has its own unique voice. For its implementation, sound engineers recorded the sound in real towns at those particular places from where you hear these sounds in the layout:

  1. a real playoff game in the Arena 2000, with its acoustics and loud terrace chants of the most loyal fans;
  2. the sounds of the Uglich hydroelectric power station, that are unique in their way;
  3. the sound of bells ringing at the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius and much more.


Projections on the walls of the museum and on the buildings give life to the layout. Fireworks and lights of the buildings look incredibly beautiful at night.

Inside the museum

When building the museum, it was important to create a comfortable environment for visitors. We have a barrier-free environment, an equipped bathroom for differently-abled guests, a room for mothers with babies, a wardrobe. The toilet is always perfectly clean and smells pleasantly. Scroll through the gallery of photos to see the interiors of the museum.

Вестибюль с сувенирной лавкой и гардеробом
Помещение с макетом
Вход в музей
Творческий беспорядок в рабочей зоне макетчиков
Комната матери и ребенка и санузел для маломобильных граждан
Комната матери и ребенка
Туалетная комната

To see everything

Do not forget to rent binoculars, it will allow you to see a lot of small details and interesting scenes in the far parts of the layout

350 ₽

security deposit 500 ₽, cash is preferable



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On December 31, we open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m..

In the new year, the Golden Ring Show Layout will open its doors on January 1 at 10 a.m.!

From January 2 to January 5 we will be open an hour longer from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.. Miracles, aren’t they?

From January 6 to January 8, the museum is open as usual from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m..