Is there a cafe in the museum?

There is no cafe in the museum yet, but this is not a problem.

We are located in the city center, around the museum there are dozens of cafes and restaurants within walking distance.

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How much does a child ticket cost?

Child ticket from 4 to 13 years old - 540 ₽.

Children under three years old admission is free.

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How long will it take to visit the museum?

A visit to the museum takes an average of 40 minutes to 1.5 hours. We do not limit the visiting time, you can stay in the museum until closing

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What about parking?

Free parking near the museum. Usually, within a radius of 200 meters, there are always free places. But look at the signs, you can't park everywhere.

The museum also has a bicycle parking and video surveillance.

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Why can't I buy a discount ticket on the website?

A discount ticket can only be bought at the museum, because we need a document confirming that the visitor belongs to the discount group.

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How much are the tickets?

Adult ticket from 14 years old - 890 ₽

Child from 4 to 13 years old - 540 ₽

Discount ticket* - 420 ₽

Discount ticket** - 320 ₽

Discount tickets can be purchased by

* for the countries of the customs union:

  • pensioners;

  • adults accompanying a disabled child;

  • adult members of multi-child families;

  • full-time students;

  • people with disabilities of groups I and II

** for the countries of the customs union:

  • children from large families (up to 14 years old);

  • disabled children under 14 years of age

When purchasing a discount ticket, show the relevant document to the cashier.

The discount ticket is valid only on Mondays, except for public holidays (non-working days)

Admission is free for children under 3 years old

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Can I visit the museum in a wheelchair?

We have taken care of creating a comfortable environment for every visitor.

The show layout complies with the accessibility requirements for persons with disabilities.

Created a barrier-free environment in front of and inside the museum.

In addition, the toilet room is equipped in accordance with all norms and rules.

And also, the helpful staff is always ready to help.

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Is it possible to feed a child in the museum?

For feeding the child, we have equipped a special room where, in a calm atmosphere and without prying eyes, you can satisfy all the needs of the child.

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Are there gift certificates on sale?

Gift certificates are sold at the museum's box office. This is a great gift for family and friends. We can surprise them.

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What souvenirs can I buy?

The museum shop has a huge selection of souvenirs. From inexpensive magnets to prefabs. And at the end of your visit, you can buy a magnet with your photo in the museum.

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How can you see the far parts of the model?

To get acquainted with the distant parts of the model, we have binoculars that can be rented for 350 ₽ in a souvenir shop.

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Is there an audio guide?

Yes, you can rent an audio guide in the souvenir shop for 350 ₽. Interesting facts and stories about attractions are recorded for each city.

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If a child accidentally breaks something on the model, fine?

You can read about all the nuances of visiting the museum in the Rules on the website or at the entrance to the museum.

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On December 31, we open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m..

In the new year, the Golden Ring Show Layout will open its doors on January 1 at 10 a.m.!

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