Group visits of schoolchildren

For group visits of schoolchildren, we have the following option:
At the entrance to the museum, each child gets an audio-guide with a recorded tour of the museum. Individual audio-guides allow children to move around the museum at their own pace. If they wish, they can listen to the text again.

The cost

750 ₽/person

No fee for 1 adult accompanying every 10 children

Quest game

Schoolchildren can choose from two games "Kaleidoscope of Professions" and "Fairy-tale Heroes".

During each game, children gain new knowledge and learn to work in a team.

How is the game going

Each team receives a route sheet and goes through a number of thematic stages. At the stations, the participants play in games, perform creative tasks and solve non-standard tasks.

At the end of the game, all teams receive souvenirs, and the winners are awarded prizes.

The cost

Group up to 10 people

2500 ₽/group

Group of 10 to 20 people

3500 ₽/group

Group of 20+ people

4500 ₽/group

Entrance tickets are paid additionally

The game takes 1 hour 40 minutes

Time spent in the museum — not limited

Lesson for schoolchildren "City of the Golden Ring – the Treasure of Russia"

The exposition of our museum provides a new approach to study History, Literature, World Art, Fine Arts and even Physics.

Together with the City Center for the Development of Education in Yaroslavl, we have developed an interesting lesson for schoolchildren that solves many educational, pedagogical and developmental problems.

Course of the lesson

The class shall be divided into teams, each of which independently gets acquainted with one of the cities of the "Golden Ring". "Historical Reference" about the city is issued to help the participants. The obtained information is briefly entered in the "Route Sheet”.

At the next stage, each of the groups makes a presentation of their object to the rest of the participants, acts as a guide.

Schoolchildren go around the entire exposition having a great opportunity not only to see it but also to focus on significant details of the history and architecture of ancient Russian cities.

The cost

Group up to 10 people

1900 ₽/group

Group of 11 to 20 people

2900 ₽/group

Group of 21+ people

3900 ₽/group

The lesson takes 1 hour

Time spent in the museum — not limited



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Friends! On July 11, our museum is closed for scheduled maintenance of power grids. We ask you to plan your visit in advance. We apologize for the inconvenience!