Looking at all the beauty of the show-model, you have a desire to get inside this tiny world, to become a part of it.

Now everyone can place themselves, their figures and cars in the layout. Choose the place and the image in which you want to become a part of the composition, fill out the form on the website, and the manager will call you to clarify the details.

Stages of work and prices

When filling out an application on the website, in a comment, or in a conversation with the manager, tell in which place you want to put the figure, what it is dedicated to. Attach a photo of the character or describe the colors of the clothes and appearance. Before installation, we will agree on the result with the customer.

Making a character figure takes 10 calendar days, consider this when placing an order. The manufacturing cost starts from 1000 RUB and is paid once. See in the table the cost of placement on the show-model 


6 mounths
1 year
1 figure
5000 ₽
8000 ₽
1 figure with extra elements
from 7000 ₽
from 10 000 ₽
plot scene from 2 figures
from 8500 ₽
from 11 000 ₽

Figures list

We post photos of figures on the website. You can find out who posted this or that figure and what event it was dedicated to.


Lisa has won the Instagram contest «I want to be on the show-model» and now her small copy has settled in our layout!

Ekaterina Alexandrovna and Gennadiy Arkadevich

From the loving children on the wedding anniversary! Be happy, dear parents!

Vladimir Germanov

Wish you creative success, loyal fans, long life. From Egor and Tanya

Svetlana Olegovna

To the beloved teacher of physical education, from students of 11A class. We love you, Svetlana Olegovna, be happy!


Happy birthday from your wife! I love you, darling!




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