Tour with a visit to the workshop

Book an individual museum tour with a visit to the workshop. The guide will show you every city of the Golden Ring and the main sights, tell fascinating stories about the process of creating the show-model and take you to a workshop where artists make new figures and models for the show-model. You will learn so much new and interesting that you will definitely want to share it with family and friends!

We work every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Advantages of a guided tour

A regular visit to the museum is certainly an exciting event, but on an individual tour you can learn a lot more. You’ll see the workshop, watch artists and engineers working, and get answers to any questions about the creation of the exposition. Come and we will surprise you!

5000 RUB

Excursions in Russian or English for a group of 1-10 people. Entrance fees are not included.

Pre-registration for an individual tour

8 800 511-80-45 add. 3

Renting binoculars

Do not forget to rent binoculars, it will allow you to see a lot of small details and interesting scenes in the remote parts of the show-model

300 ₽

Returnable security deposit 500 ₽, preferably in cash

Renting audio-guide

With the help of an audio-guide, we will tell you about interesting features and the history of many sights. We have collected facts and legends about the cities of the Golden Ring and recorded a fascinating tour lasting for 40 minutes.

Audio-guide in all languages

300 ₽

Returnable security deposit 500 ₽, preferably in cash



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We observe anti-COVID measures. Visiting only in masks!