Kostroma — a city of the Golden Ring

Kostroma is rightfully called a pearl of the Golden Ring. This ancient city was founded by the Suzdal Prince Yuri Dolgorukiy in 1152, and over the years of the city’s long history Kostroma has not lost its uniqueness. At its rise, during the reign of Prince Vasiliy Yaroslavovich, Kostroma was the capital of the North-Eastern Russia, so many temples were built there, the most famous of which is the Assumption Cathedral. Now it is a modern port city on the Volga River, that has preserved more than five hundred architectural monuments.

Bus tours along the Golden Ring of Russia in 2019 will be an unforgettable adventure in any season and at reasonable prices. In summer, you’ll see the impressive Volga and church domes lit with sunlight, and in winter — white-stone architectural ensembles in snow-white open spaces. Cities are not crowded in winter, and ancient cities will reveal their true charm of snowy streets. It is not by chance that the authors of the show-model chose winter Kostroma! In a new museum of Yaroslavl, you can find a miniature copy of the ancient Kostroma and its main sights.


Sights of the city of Kostroma

The architecture of the classicism era of the late 18-19th centuries was preserved in the historical center of the city. Religious eye-catching sights of the city of Kostroma will delight the tourists. Particularly interesting is the Holy Trinity Ipatiev Monastery for monks, where Mikhail Fyodorovich Romanov once lived. He ascended to the royal throne from Kostroma, that is called the "cradle of the Romanov dynasty". The Epiphany Monastery of St. Anastasia for nuns is no less famous. It houses the miraculous icon of Our Lady, that was named the shrine of the royal house of the Romanovs.

The Golden Ring of Russia traditionally includes 8 cities: Yaroslavl, Rostov the Great Yaroslavskiy, Ivanovo, Sergiyev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Suzdal, Vladimir and Kostroma. The latter is the farthest from Moscow, 349 km away, and hotel prices start at 1000 RUB per day. It’s better to plan a trip beforehand and book accommodation in advance, because the Golden Ring is one of the most popular tourist routes, and Kostroma is one of the most visited cities of the Golden Ring.

It was here, in Kostroma, that Eldar Ryazanov filmed “Cruel Romance”. Kostroma is also considered the birthplace of Ivan Susanin, who saved the King by leading Polish invaders into a trackless forest where they met their death. And it is here, in the cozy streets of Kostroma, that you will see shops named “Curtain Department” and “Ministry of Nails”, and the coffee shop “Horns and Hooves” stylized according to the books by Ilf and Petrov will surprise you by its charm.

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the New Year holidays, we start thinking about a place to go. And the fact that the cities of the Golden Ring are quite close to the capital of Russia gives them an undeniable advantage.

If you are planning a visit to Kostroma, you can go there by bus from Shchelkovo or by train from the Yaroslavskiy railway station. The road from Moscow will take about 6 hours, and the cost of a seat in a seat compartment will be about 800 RUB per person. It is convenient to travel around the Golden Ring by car. The most optimal route for a car trip will take you at least 9 days:

  • Moscow;
  • Sergiyev Posad;
  • Pereslavl-Zalessky;
  • Rostov the Great;
  • Kostroma;
  • Ivanovo;
  • Suzdal;
  • Vladimir;
  • Moscow.

But in such a short span you will not be able to see all the sights of the ancient cities, therefore it is better to plan a 12-days-long travel.


What to see in Kostroma

In ancient Kostroma, you’ll find a lot to see:

  1. The Historical-Architectural and Art Museum, including a complex of buildings and a shopping arcade; the address of the museum is 7 Prospekt Mira; the ticket price depends on the exhibition and is approximately 450 RUB.
  2. The Epiphany Monastery of St. Anastasia, located in 26 Simanovsky street.
  3. The Museum of Flax and Birch Bark in 38 Tereshkova Street; the ticket price is 150 RUB.
  4. The Holy Trinity Ipatiev Monastery in 1 Prosveshcheniya Street.
  5. The village of rural architecture of the 17th century, which is located right behind the monastery.
  6. According to the story “Snow Maiden” by Alexander Ostrovsky, Snow Maiden lives in Kostroma. There you can visit the Snow Maiden’s House in 38/13 Lagernaya Street.

It is up to you to decide which city of the Golden Ring to go to, but you’ll never make a wrong decision, because each of the ancient cities has something to win your hearts with. Fans of quiet evenings by the fireplace can enjoy mini-copies of the cities of the Golden Ring at the Golden Ring show-model. The authors also included miniatures of the cities of Rybinsk, Shuya, Palekh, which undoubtedly deserve your attention.

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