Tourists will be able to visit the creative workshop, see the process of creating a model, be the first to get acquainted with our new developments, take part in a master class and even see the secret project we are currently working on!


Cost of excursion for a group up to 20 people including a master class on making one piece of the model for the whole group is 7000 rubles.

Cost of excursion including a master class on making an individual piece of model is 600 rubles per person.

The bright finale of the excursion might be a trip to the museum, where tourists will immerse themselves in atmosphere of a miniature world and enjoy its beauty.

Surcharge for each subsequent person is 350 rubles.

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Cost of excursion with a visit of the model workshop and the «Golden Ring» Show Model including a master class on making an individual piece of model:

Adult — 1300 rubles

Children — 1000 rubles

Excursions to the model workshop take place on weekdays from 10 to 18 hours.

Time of the last appointment for excursion is 16:00



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Friends! On July 11, our museum is closed for scheduled maintenance of power grids. We ask you to plan your visit in advance. We apologize for the inconvenience!